We Are transistor

the Creative Collective for
Tech-Driven Experiences and Installations.

We connect digital & physical, brands & art, creativity & creation
to spark experiences, emotions, change.

We connect
digital & physical,
brands & art,
creativity & creation

to spark experiences, emotions, change.

Damjanski / blow_hot_and_cold @ IMAGE Brooklyn NY

We break barriers to engineer remarkable experiences.

Common people might say we do magic, but we just push boundaries until they no longer exist to engineer remarkable experiences.

We put innovation, technology, creativity, weird brains and sweaty hands to the service of your brand. Of humans.

We think , design, explore, experiment, build, rebuild, destroy, play, create. We Bring things to life.

We are on the field, either it be a Museum, a Festival, a Party, your Headquarters, your Shop, a National Park.

We deliver something new, unique, maybe a bit crazy, surely fantastic, that makes your brand stand out and delights and the human spirit.

Damjanski & Barbosa / Smart Dialogues @ Pioneer Works Brooklyn NY
What are we made of


We are moved by the unknowns. We are trailblazers at heart, creators by design and engineers by trade. When others may get scared by the lack of certainty, we get excited by the opportunity to build answers.


We question everything. We never truly settle, as technology never really stops evolving and endless possibilities arise everyday. Some men see things as they are and say why, we dream things that never were and say: Why not?


We believe our best work can only be done when our clients trust us. And so we work everyday to earn and honor that trust. Honesty, integrity, transparency, dialogue and empathy go a long way. Because we build machines, but we are humans.


We strive to create a community where engineers and makers, strategists and designers, dreamers and doers come together to bring mechanisms to life. Our doors are always open. Our knowledge is to be shared.

Jean-Remy / triptychon @ Berlin

“Working brands makes us dream. Dreaming of ideas, projects, activations and everything that often seems impossible to make happen. Fortunately I have had many of these dreams and when they wake up I wake up to this harsh but challenging reality, now what? How can we make this possible? That’s how I met Vasco, the man to whom I’ve never heard the word “impossible”, the professional who dreams beyond my dream, and the natural talent that designs solutions that make things happen. “The maker” is also how I “sell” him to other dreamers”

Tomás Froes


“Never before have I worked with a technician who had such a deep
understanding of creative excellence. No matter what I came up with,
Vasco tweaked it to the top.”

Jean-Remy von Matt

Artist/JVM Founder/Germany

“Vasco is an excellent professional, dedicated, talented and focused in
solving the customer’s problem. As a plus, he has a super good mood,
which always lower stress levels, even on those jobs almost impossible to solve.”

José Neto

creative director/Lew’Lara/São Paulo